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About Très Hombres

Our company is a premier provider of high-end fitness equipment and personalized gym setup services. We understand the growing demand for in-house luxury gyms, and we cater to individuals who prioritize convenience, privacy, and quality in their fitness routines.


Here to help you

At our core, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, sourced from renowned manufacturers and designed to meet the needs of both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts. Our selection includes top-of-the-line cardio machines, strength training equipment, functional training gear, and specialized accessories. We strive to stay ahead of the latest fitness trends and advancements, ensuring that our customers have access to cutting-edge products.

However, we go beyond simply selling equipment. Our knowledgeable team of fitness experts and interior designers are here to guide our customers through the process of creating their dream in-house gyms. We understand that each client has unique preferences and goals, so we take a personalized approach to tailor their fitness space to their specific needs.

Customize Your Fitness

Our team conducts thorough consultations to understand the available space, design preferences, and desired fitness routines. Based on this information, we provide expert recommendations for the most suitable equipment and layout that optimizes functionality, aesthetics, and comfort. We collaborate closely with architects, contractors, and interior designers to ensure seamless integration of the gym into the client's home, considering factors such as lighting, ventilation, and acoustics.

Moreover, we offer optional concierge services, where our experienced technicians handle the delivery, assembly, and installation of the equipment, sparing our clients the hassle of complex setup procedures. Our technicians ensure that each piece of equipment is calibrated and functioning optimally, providing a safe and efficient workout experience.

Concrete Wall

To enhance the luxury gym experience, we also offer customization options. From tailored equipment colors and finishes to branded accessories, we help our clients create a gym space that reflects their unique style and personality.

In addition, we provide ongoing support to our customers, offering maintenance services, equipment upgrades, and access to fitness professionals for personalized training programs and advice. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients, serving as their trusted partners in achieving their fitness goals.

Overall, our business combines the sale of high-quality fitness equipment with personalized design and installation services, creating in-house luxury gyms that redefine convenience and elevate the fitness experience.

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